Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where should I start... or continue?

   Well, I might as well keep it simple. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket!   Generally, the perimeter of the supermarket is stocked with fresh and natural items... although some items may be altered and "enhanced",  they are still not manufactured... always a good thing!  Un-tampered with products are always better and a more nutritional option!

    I've already discussed produce, so let's get to our next stop ... The Dairy Department.

Butter / Margarine -
   Butter and Margarine have been at odds for years... who is better and why?  Well, margarine has no trans-fats... which is a good thing, BUT I tend to be a purest.  So, I prefer the natural butter... of course in moderation!  For those of you that also have an affection for butter, have no more than a few teaspoons a day and use olive or canola oils to supplement.

Cheese -                                                               
   Cheese is a great way to get calcium, and for vegetarians, some protein.  If using a processed cheese... like American and Ricotta, aim for the low-fat varieties...  It has a bit less fat than regular and a TON more flavor than the fat-free counter parts (yuck... if it doesn't have flavor, why waste the calories?)  Try to choose cheeses loaded with flavor, like sharp cheddar, feta, and Gorgonzola, as you will only need a small quantity to get BIG flavor results. 

                                                       Eggs -
   The incredible edible egg... this little treat is packed with protein and omegas.  It's certainly not a boring ingredient... in fact, it's said that the 100 pleats in a chef's toque represent the numerous ways to cook an egg.  Now, the yolk of an egg is a bit high in fat and cholesterol, so I suggest that when you prepare yours,  use 2 egg whites to every whole egg... lots more flavor than just egg whites, but far less fat than a whole egg... a great compromise!

Milk -                                                                                                           
   This is a fantastic source of calcium, and most often fortified withVitamin D.  Young kids should drink 2 cups a day to help aid in healthy growth.  For older children and adults, turn to fat-free (skim) or 1% (low-fat)... same great taste, a lot less fat!

   This tasty treat is richer in flavor and calcium than plain milk.  It is also easier to digest. Yogurt contains acidophilus and other bacterial cultures that are fantastic for your digestive and immune systems.  Even better than "store bought fruit on the bottom yogurt" is getting low fat plain yogurt and adding a bit of vanilla extract and fresh fruit to it.  Yum!

  Well that about wraps up the world of Moo Juice and it's products.  Until next time... Merry Marketing!

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  1. I liked the way you put together everything, there is certainly no need to go any further to look for any additional information. You mentioned each and everything that too with much of ease.