Monday, November 23, 2015

Turkey Tips

We are days away from Thanksgiving. Are you flustered with how to cook that big, intimidating piece of poultry?  I'm Chef Heather from The Chocolate Mousse Caterers and I'm here to answer that age old question, To Brine or not to brine.  Brining will help you cook the most succulent turkey you've ever had, and the smartest, easiest way to do it is with a dry brine.  Even if you're hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, this technique will make you look like a pro.

When you're dealing with a large piece of lean meat, it's easy to overcook.  Brining the bird in salty water, is a way to inject both flavor and moisture, but who needs that mess?   Instead, dry brine by rubbing salt and seasonings directly on the bird and let the meat rest in the refrigerator.

The advantages?  The turkey is prepped ahead of time,  There's no sloppy water, No special equipment is needed, and you get crispy skin.

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