Monday, February 15, 2016

Super Food Break Down Week!

February is National Heart Health Month and what better way to get your heart in shape then starting with what you eat.  Super-foods will help put you on and keep you on the right path to an happy heart. You probably are already eating them but you you may not know that they are natures prime ingredients.  They are nutrient dense and calorie sparse, so good for the heart AND the waistline.  They offer superior quantities of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients (nutrients the body cannot produce).

A healthy diet loaded with super-foods helps our bodies function at their best. There are hundreds of nutritious foods, but the dozen on my list not only contribute healthy nutrients and help you heal BUT are culinary easy to use.  Every food on this list boasts multiple healing effects, AND they are easy to come by. Eat my All Star picks and you'll start feeling pretty super yourself.

Cherries - Berries
Sweet Potato

 Stay tuned because tomorrow I will break down the reasons why each of my Super Foods are just so darn, well, SUPER... but until then, start adding them in whatever you can, cook, juice, eat!  Just trust me!

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