Monday, May 4, 2009

Introduction Blog

Hello and welcome to the Chocolate Mousse Website. This blog is a new addition to our site and with your help, we are excited to watch it grow! We started this blog because of our love for cooking food, writing about food, taking pictures of food, and most importantly... eating food! We will be adding dietary tips, recipes, and other culinary tips, as well as other articles related to the culinary world. We will be posting often, so please be sure to check in.

A lot of recipes on this site are ours, but others come from various sources. We do not claim all of the recipes as our own. If you have a recipe that you feel would go great on this site and would like to make a guest post, feel free.

If you enjoy reading what's on this blog, or have any questions we can answer for you, let us know... We'd love to help. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

Contacting By Email:
We get a lot of email and enjoy getting it. We try to respond to every contact. If we don't respond, please do not take it personally. Sometimes emails get lost in the sudden shuffle of life, so we have less time to respond.

Comments by readers are one of the most important features of the blog. We love them. We especially love the back and forth dialogue among readers. We try never to censor comments and don't mind profanity when it is well used. We encourage feed back and even welcome opinions differing from ours. We will censor gratuitous profanity, nastiness, or plain off the topic wordiness.


Chef Heather
The Chocolate Mousse

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