Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer is Coming

  If you are like most, the warm spring weather has you starting to think about getting your body bathing suit ready. There are multiple facets of healthy weight loss. Exercise and diet are very important in creating a healthier you, but even more crucial is the phsycology behind it!
  The most common problem found with dieting is psychological. In today's post, I will discuss the first part in healthy weight loss, the mental part.
  There are a few techniques that can affect the appetite and help limit your desire to overeat. Often healthy food has a bad conotation... healthy must mean bland and blah. Well that's not the case. Before you eat with your mouth... you eat with your eyes. I'm sure you've been in a situation where you saw something that looked unappealing, and although it may taste spectacular, you are turned off. The simple solution... make your meal look pretty. You don't have to be an artist, if you think natural, you are set. Try to get at least three different colors on your plate... Green Kale, Red Beets, and Orange Carrots or Green Avocado, Red Tomatoes, and Yellow Corn. They may be healthy, but if it looks good... you have a far better chance of enjoying it! One of the other things that you will visually assess is portion size... a full plate will most likely have you thinking of a full belly. Two easy answers are: fill half of your plate with a salad, than add the appropriate portions of your meal. By adding the greens and fresh veggies you will be adding limited calories but lots of vitamins, nutrients, cellulose and fiber (both are very filling). The other option, eat off of a smaller plate. If it looks abundant, you will trick yourself into feeling full sooner... and ultimately training yourself with portion control.
   Dieting is very much a lifestyle choice. If you are mentally prepared, you can do anything.
Keep an eye out for our next dieting tip.

-Chef Heather
The Chocolate Mousse

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