Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Top Grilling Tips... Steak Edition

If you think grilling a steak is as simple as throwing meat on the grill, you are missing out on what could be your greatest beef achievement ever.
Here are some grilling tips that will make your steak a fine work of art.

1. Choose the right cut - Some steaks grill better than others.  Steaks that have a nice marbling of fat through it have a better flavor.  You should experiment to find your flavor and texture preference.  Here are the pros and cons of a few different cuts:

2. Choose a high quality steak - Nothing ruins a good steak like a bad steak.  By law, all proteins are inspected by the USDA for consumability, so you won't buy meat that will get you sick.  Quality grading, however, is a voluntary system.  Meat is graded on several categories, including the marbling of fat and the quantity of connective tissue.  Prime is the highest quality, followed by choice then select.  Choice meats are very high quality steaks and the most common used in the restaurant  industry.

3. Take them out - Let your steaks sit on the counter for about ten minutes, until they are almost room temperature.  Because steaks are whole muscles and you are cooking the outside well above the necessary heat, you don’t need to worry about food-borne illness.  Steaks at room temperature take seasoning better, will cook faster, and more evenly.

4. Season last - You should dry and salt your meat just before you toss them on the grill.  If you salt them too early, you will dehydrate the meat and cause a moist exterior.  Moisture will keep your steak from getting a nice sear.

5. Hot grill - Always start cooking on a hot grill. You will get the best color and flavor from high heat.

6. Don’t touch it - When the meat is done, it will easily turn... if it sticks at all, it isn't ready!  Know how thick your steak is and roughly how long it takes to cook. Only flip it once.  Check out this grilling chart as a guide on how long to cook your steaks:

Grilling Chart courtesy of www.kansascitysteaks.com

7. Leave it alone - Let your steak rest for 5 minutes before slicing into it.  This allows the juices to re-disperse leaving you with a moist piece of meat.

8. Make your sides early - You can't grill your meat outside and cook your sides inside without ruining your steak, your side dish, or both.  Plan your meal ahead of time and get your sides done early so you can focus your steak.

9. Enjoy!!!

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