Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tip 1 of My 6 Tips On how to Make Your Big Day Perfect


 You can plan your day until your brain comes out your ears but it will not matter if you have the perfect venue, best photographer, the most beautiful dress and sunshine all day if the food falls short.  Let’s be real, guests come to weddings for 3 things,to eat, drink and be merry. It’s important that you find the right caterer who is experienced in wedding receptions to secure happy taste buds in all your guests.  We’ve all been to those wedding where we could down the minutes for that appropriate time to make an exit and hightail it to the closest McDonalds.  To avoid the “McDonald” do the research first.  Consider the following when trying to find the right food for your day:

1. Budget:  How much is the max you can spend per guest. This is not to say you should aim to pay your max, in actuality you should do your best to look for a provider that comes in under your max this will allow for more flexibility in your food budget and adjust for changes that may be needed.

2. Know Your Must Haves: Know what type of menu you want before you price check venues and caterers.  Even though weddings may be venues and caterers regularly business this fact does not mean they can give you an accurate quote if you have no idea what you want.  There is a huge price difference between buffet and sit-down service.  Sit-down will require additional wait staff which will directly affect cost.  Service is not the only thing that will greatly affect food cost, food choice obviously affect cost as well.  If you’re considering salmon and filet mignon as main course together with a full pasted appetizers expect a large quote.  On the flip side if you have base idea of your “must haves” but can be flexible with the “wants” you’ll find larger wiggly room in your budget.

3. Cocktail Hour:  If part of your must haves is a cocktail hour consider the type you want. Did you want passed horderves or self-serve stations? Were you thinking hot, cold, mixed? Have  you estimated how many guest will show for cocktails.  These are all important considerations when trying to plan your budget.

4. Desert:  When considering a caterer for the big day I suggest finding one that does cakes as well.  Generally you will get a better overall package deal if you go with someone who can supply dinner and dessert.  Consider the amount of dessert you would like. Consider the timing of dessert and how much your guest will eat.  Guests at a late night wedding are less likely to want heavy sugars and mass amounts of coffee.  Talk to your caterer about what they think would be appropriate based on the time of day and season.

5. Consider Your Guests Dietary Needs.  Try and pick a menu that will agree with the vast majority of the guests but always account for individuals needs.  Let your caterer know if specialized dishes will need to be set aside to account for allergies, kosher practices, or any other dietary restrictions.    

6. Listen to the Professional: Once you’ve considered your price range, must haves and guest needs it’s time to start looking for the right caterer.  If you’ve thought carefully about the above the caterer should be able to easily assist you in planning your wedding day. Schedule tasting and shop around but in the end make sure you pick someone you are sure can deliver the perfect day.  They should be knowledge, have a great reputation, and make you feel at ease. Your wedding day is the day you will remember forever make sure you entrust it to a caterer that understands that.

If you have more questions or would like to schedule a tasting give me a call at (845)-518-6533

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