Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tip 2 of My 6 Tips to Get You to Your Perfect Day


Unless you’re planning on dedicating your cake's soul purpose to acting as an assault weapon, like this lovely couple above, you may want to make sure you do your homework. Pick one you’re going to be thrilled with, both for consistency and "smash" factor as well as taste.  Many couples make the mistake of leaving the cake until the last minute. Thinking that they can get a great cake from any place, or completely unaware of the cost associated with type or size of cake they'd envisioned. This type of thinking generally leads to extreme disappointment on their wedding day when they're stuck with a cake that falls short of their dreams. So, if you’re looking for a large, customized, delicious cake, it’s important that you shop around, start early, remember taste test, taste test, taste test. Ask to see the bakers cake portfolio of other weddings and events to get a feel for their skill set. Most importantly be clear and up-front on what YOU want. As a baker myself I can tell you I can only make your vision a reality if you give me all the details. We unfortunately can't read minds so if you have an idea bring pictures and possibly even recipes. However, keep in mind that sometime peoples dreams may be larger than what the cake can support so if you've found a great baker listen to their suggestions, they will help you get as close as realistically possible and keep on budget. The cake wraps the whole day up AND if you're a traditionalist you'll bee eating it again on your one year anniversary so make sure you and your guest love it. 

If you have more questions or would like to schedule a taste testing give me a call at (845)518-6533

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